Save money with Quick Dissolve windshield washer mix! It's easy!
Save over 60% compared to traditional
Reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet.
Quick Dissolve is convenient and can be stored anywhere.
Save money with Quick Dissolve windshield washer mix! It's easy!
Just add water to Quick Dissolve to fill your washer fluid reservoire
IT'S EASY!  Simply mix a packet of Quick Dissolve with regular water in any car's washer fluid reservoir. Learn more about how Quick Dissolve works.
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Easily store Quick Dissolve in your glove box or center console so that you'll always have it ready when your windshield washer fluid gets low. Find out where to buy Quick Dissolve.
Save up to 75% over traditional windshield washer fluid
over regular washer fluid
Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99.
Eliminate plastic jugs. Save the planet.
Each 5-pack saves 1.25 gallons of crude oil by eliminating plastic jugs.  Learn more.

SEMPER® Quick Dissolve™ Windshield Washer Fluid Mix

A Revolution in Windshield Cleaning Technology

Quick Dissolve is the revolutionary alternative to traditional, bulky 1-gallon jugs of "blue water" for consumers' car windshield washer tanks. Quick Dissolve is a premium concentrated cleaning powder that dissolves quickly to allow users to make their own DIY windshield washer fluid solution while saving up to 75% over buying 1-gallon jugs of pre-mixed solution.

Convenient, Easy to Use

Quick Dissolve is packaged in convenient, easy to use pouches -- just add the contents from one pouch to a windshield washer tank and fill with water and you have a premium windshield cleaner to remove bugs and road grime with ease.