Quick Dissolve Product Details

Mixing Quick Dissolve with water
Five pouches in each packet

Ever wondered why one gallon of Windshield Washer Fluid costs around $3 when all that you really get is a jug of water, blue dye and a little detergent? Save up to 75% on each gallon by using Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer Mix.

Just add Quick Dissolve to your car reservoir and fill with water. It's that easy. Quick Dissolve is environmentally friendly by eliminating the plastic jug and reducing the carbon emissions from shipping by 99.65%! Learn more about how you can save the planet with Quick Dissolve.

Each pouch of Quick Dissolve creates one gallon of washer fluid
  • Car
  • Truck
  • RV
  • Marine
  • Off-road

Additional Benefits to Using Quick Dissolve

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  • Easy to store packaging and size
  • Cleaning powder dissolves quickly
  • Designed to remove bugs and road grime
  • Safe, non-methanol formula
  • Summer blend (+32°F) (click here for some winter tips)

Save Money:

Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99 for a 5-pack, that's only $1.00 per gallon. Compare that with $2.99 per gallon at most retail locations for normal jugs of washer fluid. Make the Switch and Save BIG!!!


Always have Quick Dissolve handy. Just grab a pouch out of the glove compartment, add the contents from one pouch to your windshield washer tank, fill with water and you have a premium solution designed to remove bugs and road grime. It's that easy. No more half empty jugs sloshing around the trunk.


Use Quick Dissolve to get off the tough bugs and road grime. The powerful formula cuts through bugs and cleans your windshield with ease. With Quick Dissolve you get a premium cleaner and save money.

Save the Planet:

Did you know that by eliminating the 1-gallon jugs of pre-mixed solution, each Quick Dissolve 5-Pack saves over 1.25 gallons of crude oil that goes into making and distributing the plastic jugs? By eliminating the burden of shipping water, Quick Dissolve lowers your carbon footprint of washer fluid purchases by 99.65%!

Safety Information: MSDS

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Save Money
Save up to 75% over traditional windshield washer fluid
Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99 -- Compare and Save. Learn more.
Save the Planet
Eliminate plastic jugs. Save the planet.
Each 5-pack saves 1.25 gallons of crude oil by eliminating plastic jugs. Learn more.
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