2011 NACS Cool New Product

Retail Quick Dissolve: Join the Revolution

For the retailer, Quick Dissolve offers an improved profit margin while freeing up shelf and storage space by eliminating the need to stock multiple cases of bulky, 1-gallon jugs. Each retail unit of Quick Dissolve contains five (5) single-use packages that capture future purchases from competitor retailers.

By eliminating bulky plastic packaging, and the burden of shipping water, Quick Dissolve is a green alternative that offers customers a means to lower their carbon footprint of washer fluid purchases by 99.65% and helps retailers satisfy corporate social responsibility goals and initiatives.

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Retailer Benefits

  • Improve retail margin
  • Larger, 5-pack sale capture per purchase (MSRP: $4.99 for 5-pack)
  • Maximize shelf space, easy to merchandise on clip-strip or shelf
  • Capture impulse purchases -- new and innovative
  • Provide consumers an environmentally friendly product
Quick Dissolve Sample Retailer Shelf Display Quick Dissolve Sample Retailer Clip Strip Display

Retailer Presentation

Take a moment to look through the Quick Dissolve Retailer Presentation which will outline some of the additional benefits to placing Quick Dissolve on your store's shelves.

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Save Money
Save up to 75% over traditional windshield washer fluid
Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99 -- Compare and Save. Learn more.
Save the Planet
Eliminate plastic jugs. Save the planet.
Each 5-pack saves 1.25 gallons of crude oil by eliminating plastic jugs. Learn more.
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