Save the Planet with Quick Dissolve

Save the planet, eliminate the jugs

A GREEN alternative
to traditional windshield
washer fluids

One packet equals five pouches

Eliminate Plastic Jugs

With Quick Dissolve, there are no plastic jugs to store or worry about. Each pouch can be mixed with regular water directly inside your car's windshield washer fluid tank. Plus, each pack of Quick Dissolve contains 5 pouches, greatly increasing your convenience and decreasing the amount of waste due to bulky plastic jugs.

Quick Facts

By eliminating plastic jugs, just one Quick Dissolve package saves over 1.25 gallons of crude oil.1

Quick Dissolve reduces the carbon emissions and costs of shipping pre-mixed washer fluid by 99.65%.2 Compare: One case of 48 5-pack Quick Dissolveweighs 7 pounds but makes 240 gallons of windshield washer fluid ordinarily weighing 1992 pounds!

Quick Dissolve is non-toxic and biodegradable.

1 Pacific Institute, 2008
2 Carbon footprint calculator
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Save Money
Save up to 75% over traditional windshield washer fluid
Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99 -- Compare and Save. Learn more.
Save the Planet
Eliminate plastic jugs. Save the planet.
Each 5-pack saves 1.25 gallons of crude oil by eliminating plastic jugs. Learn more.
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