Tips & Frequently Asked Questions


Keep Quick Dissolve in the glove box of each car -- always ready.

Just add water. Don't worry about adding hot or cold water -- both work.

Don't worry about mixing the right amount.

Just add Quick Dissolve then fill windshield reservoir to the top. Quick Dissolve is designed to mix completely in vehicle reservoirs ranging from 0.4-1.4 gallons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Quick Dissolve freeze in freezing temperatures?

Yes. To avoid freezing, add Quick Dissolve to any anti-freeze windshield fluid for improved cleaning power.

How do I use SEMPER Quick Dissolve?

Just tear open one pouch and add the contents directly to your windshield washer fluid tank and fill with water.

Any concerns about storage?

No. Quick Dissolve was designed to be stored in your glove box, garage or any other convenient place. As long as the pouches remained sealed, you can conveniently store Quick Dissolve for an extended time.

How is Quick Dissolve a GREEN product?

Quick Dissolve windshield washer mix is non-toxic and bio-degradable. Quick Dissolve reduces the carbon footprint from shipping traditional windshield washer solution by 99%. Every pouch replaces one gallon of solution and eliminates one plastic bottle from our landfills.

How does Quick Dissolve save money over one gallon jugs?

No plastic containers
+ No shipping of heavy water
= BIG Savings!

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Save Money
Save up to 75% over traditional windshield washer fluid
Get 5 gallons for the price of 1! Only $4.99 -- Compare and Save. Learn more.
Save the Planet
Eliminate plastic jugs. Save the planet.
Each 5-pack saves 1.25 gallons of crude oil by eliminating plastic jugs. Learn more.
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